Community Investment

Pacific NorthWest LNG plans to operate in the region for many years. That’s why we’ve committed to helping build strong communities in a tangible and meaningful way by volunteering at, or contributing to, local organizations that support important social and community causes. We support a wide range of organizations that are focused on the needs that matter most to the local communities.

Focus Areas

Through our community investment program we've identified three areas where we focus our efforts. These areas guide our decisions about what projects we choose to take part in and support.

Community and Cultural Initiatives

Vibrant and healthy communities are better places to live, work, and play and that is why Pacific NorthWest LNG provides funding for projects, programs and events that target social and cultural enhancements and promote cultural awareness. We will also consider supporting initiatives in the area of community health and safety ad well as proposals that encourage community sport and healthy living.

Education and Skills Training

Investing in education helps ensure a vibrant, dynamic future for our communities. We invest in innovative and impactful learning programs across a variety of education opportunities, from literacy through to post-secondary education.

Environmental Stewardship

At Pacific NorthWest LNG our commitment to environmental responsibility goes beyond compliance with regulatory requirements. By investing in programs and organizations that promote environmental education, stewardship, conservation, habitat remediation and protection we contribute to the enhancement of a healthy, natural environment.

Application Requirements

If you have a project or program that fits within one of our focus areas and would like to apply for funding please review the Application Requirements prior to submitting a request.

  • An application for sponsorship support must include a primary contact name and details and;
  • Identify the local communities in Pacific NorthWest LNGs operating region that will benefit.
  • Outline the objectives of the program, initiative or organization and reflect the principles of our areas of focus – Education and Skills Training, Environmental Stewardship and Community and Cultural Initiatives.
  • Include a budget and any other financial information that would support the request; such as other funding sources and amount request of Pacific NorthWest LNG.
  • A timeline including start date, end dates and activity milestones.
  • Outline of promotional opportunities in recognition of Pacific NorthWest LNGs support.

Limitations and exclusions

Community investments will not be made in support of the following:

  • Individual fundraising that’s not tied to a charitable cause
  • Religious organizations undertaking religious activities
  • Third-party fundraisers
  • Contributions for support of political parties, politicians, or political candidate, outside of networking events.
  • Ongoing operational expenses including wages and salaries.

Submitting an Application

If you haven’t done so already, please review the application requirements to ensure your request for funding will meet our minimum requirements.

Applications are welcomed throughout the calendar year and may be submitted by dropping off or mailing to Pacific NorthWest LNG’s Community Office at Suite 105, 515 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, BC. V8J 1L9

Alternatively applications can be emailed to

Once a completed application is received it can take up to 60 days to complete our review process. While it is our goal to respond to every request as quickly as possible, if your application is not received with less than 60 days notice, we may not be able to respond in time for your event. We appreciate your patience while we carefully review your request.