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Pacific NorthWest LNG submitted its Environmental Assessment on February 28, 2014. On September 27, 2016 Pacific NorthWest LNG received an enviromental certificate from the Government of Canada, to read the Environmental Assesment Decision Statement click here. To read the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's final Environmental Assessment Report, click here. To read our Environmental Assessment, click here. To read a non-technical summary of Pacific NorthWest LNG's latest submission, please click here

Click on the links to find final reports on Marine Mammals, Regional Marine Vegetation and Marine Fish.

The project received a B.C. Environmental Certificate from the provincial government in November 2014. The approval included eight conditions, on Pacific NorthWest LNG, which we have committed to fulfilling.

During the ongoing design phase, we are working to incorporate design aspects that will mitigate potential environmental impacts. The project has completed extensive environmental studies which form part of the environmental assessment application, Pacific NorthWest LNG has also modified our proposed design to minimize the impacts on the marine environment.

Pacific NorthWest LNG is committed to the highest safety and health standards for its employees and the community. All local, provincial and federal environmental regulations and requirements will be met or exceeded.

Click here to read Pacific NorthWest LNG's Health, Safety, Security and Environment policy statement.