{Protecting the} Environment

Pacific NorthWest LNG has been conducting environmental research since 2012 and will continue to do so throughout the planning, construction and operational phases of our project.

We recognize the importance of Flora Bank and the associated eelgrass beds to the community, and are committed to ensuring that these marine habitats remain productive for future generations.

The location and design of our marine infrastructure minimizes potential effects on Flora Bank. The marine infrastructure will allow the movement of fish and other marine species through the shallow waters adjacent to Flora Bank and Lelu Island.

Some examples of the studies completed as part of our review process include:

  • Reviews of previous studies on species and habitat, and important areas for commercially valuable species into our findings
  • Field studies using remotely operated vehicles will identify sub-tidal and intertidal habitats within and around the proposed project areas
  • Use of sophisticated image analysis technology to determine the extent and quality of eelgrass in the Flora Bank and Lelu Island area
  • Studies conducted on fish and fish habitat around Lelu Island
  • Marine mammal surveys
  • Studies conducted on the effects of noise on fish and marine mammals
  • Marine simulations with BC Coast Pilots