Regulatory Permitting

Watch the above video to meet Gerry Fraser, Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Pacific NorthWest LNG. Gerry has also responded to a number of frequently asked questions (below) regarding Pacific NorthWest LNG's permitting requirements.

Q: Will the BC Oil and Gas Commission regulate your facility?

A: Yes. The BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) will issue the facility permit for construction and operations of the LNG facility. We will meet quarterly with the OGC throughout the life of the project. The OGC will have inspectors on site regularly.

Q: Will you need any federal permits or authorizations?

A: Yes. We require more than 30 government permits and authorizations. They will come from either the Government of BC or the Government of Canada. Some of the required federal authorizations will be from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Environment Canada to build the marine infrastructure.

Q: Will the permits you receive come with conditions?

A: Yes. Each permit will come with a number of conditions Pacific NorthWest LNG will have to meet. If we do not meet the conditions, the regulator of the permit would take enforcement action. We are committed to meeting all of the conditions put on the facility during construction and operations.

Q: Have you started construction?

A: No. We concluded our third round of investigative work in March 2016 authorized by the Prince Rupert Port Authority that will be used to further inform our proposed design of the facility and marine infrastructure.

Q: Can you name some examples of permits you require?

A: Some of the regulatory permits Pacific NorthWest LNG will need before construction and/or operations could begin are:

  • National Energy Board Export License
  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office Approval and Conditions
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Approval and Conditions
  • Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) Project Development Plan
  • PRPA Authorization for Land Clearing and Site Prep
  • British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission (BC OGC) LNG Facility Permits
  • BC OGC Access Road Permit
  • British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Permit for Skeena Drive Upgrade 
  • WorkSafe British Columbia Registration
  • PRPA Authorization for Construction of Marine Based Infrastructure
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Authorization
  • Environment Canada Authorization for Disposal at Sea
  • Transport Canada Navigation Protection Act Authorization
  • Canadian Border Services Agency Authorization to bring Materials into Canada