{marine} infrastructure

Pacific NorthWest LNG would need to build marine infrastructure to connect our proposed LNG processing facility on Lelu Island with our LNG carrier berths, located approximately 2.7 kilometres west of Lelu Island in the naturally deep waters of Chatham Sound. The infrastructure will include a special-purpose pipeline that will transport LNG to the terminal, where it will be loaded onto LNG carriers for shipping purposes, and a roadway to provide access to the terminal.

The mitigated design reflects the feedback we heard from First Nations, the local communities and stakeholders regarding the proposed dredging and proximity of some marine infrastructure next to Flora Bank. The mitigated design also eliminates the need for dredging at the LNG carrier berths site and significantly reduces the marine infrastructure next to Flora Bank.

Our design proposes building a combination of a suspension bridge and a trestle, similar to other marine infrastructure in the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA). The suspension bridge would not require any pilings on Flora Bank and would connect to a trestle extending to the LNG carrier berths. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has requested multiple information requests to better inform their decision making to ensure our facility would not have any significant adverse effects on the marine environment.

The suspension bridge would provide at least 11.3 metres of clearance at high tide, allowing sufficient height for fishing vessel traffic to continue their traditional routing to and from Porpoise Channel.

Our proposed mitigated design reflects our commitment to engaging and listening to First Nations and the community as we build the best possible LNG facility.